Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lucy Bug

Tonight was the neighborhood Night Out Against Crime. We spent the evening at the park on the corner with a bunch of our neighbors just visiting, eating and drinking, and listening to music. La Luz got to climb inside of a firetruck and hang out with a few firemen from the district. She was enthralled and I am kicking myself for not having my camera with me because the faces she made were priceless. I had no idea she particularly liked firetrucks.

Here she is in not in the firetruck but in her ladybug t-shirt from Jessie. Even though she is outgrowing it and her belly pops out on occasion she is not ready to take it out of circulation.

Speaking of bellies popping out, mine is clearly a pregnant belly. I guess the baby grew or my muscles finally capitulated, but at some point during the past week my shape has changed. I am showing about a month earlier than I was when I was pregnant with La Luz. I think I will have no choice but to start wearing maternity clothes at some point in the next few days. The weirdest part of it is that my belly button is starting to pop out and it never did that when I was pregnant with La Luz, who knows.

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Aunt Linda Said.....

O.K. Julie, The belly button thing can only mean that it must be......


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