Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nursery Girl

Today was La Luz's first day of nursery school. Nursery school feels much more like real school to me so I had all of the emotions I suppose a mom is supposed to have when their child starts school. La Luz couldn't wait to get there and apparently loved every minute of it.

Here she is, looking very pensive on the porch wondering why I am continuing to delay our departure:

and in her new classroom standing in front of her cubby:

I really screwed up what was an incredible, magical day for her by forcing her to go on the potty at school before we left her classroom. After over an hour in the bathroom and too many tears and at the point when we had both reached complete exhaustion, I gave up and let her go. I don't know what has to happen to make her finally agree to go to the bathroom at school but it is going to be an incredible day when that finally happens. Nobody seems to have any answers since she is otherwise completely potty trained and in fact loves going to the bathroom in strange places (other people's houses, port-a-potty at jazz fest, roadside gas stations, you name it). I guess it has something to do with being pushed too early on at school last year to go to the potty. At this point we have been told not to talk about it anymore and just 'see what happens'. We tried this approach before to no avail; here we go again. Keep your fingers crossed that she finally gets over her hang-up and say a prayer that I haven't completely traumatized her for life.


Kitty Brown said...

Hooray for the first day of (nursery) school! What a cutie.

Cathie said...

I'm sure I "traumatized" each one of you in some way or another, mainly due to lack of experience.
BUT, you all came out just fine. Lucy is surrounded by love, and that always trumps being "traumatized!"