Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BBV Update

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and learned that nothing has really changed since last week. Despite feeling what I thought were contractions this morning and general discomfort off and on throughout the day, bbv does not appear ready to make his debut. Consequently, I am scheduled for an induction next Wednesday. The doctor said she would let me go up to two weeks beyond my due date, but I just don't think I will feel comfortable enough to last that long. Who knows, maybe he will decide he is ready to meet the world before next week. I am not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Tony thinks it will be Friday and I am thinking Sunday or Monday. Christian was a Monday child, maybe he wants to take after his Dad.........
Love & Miss you
Tell my Buttercup hello for me and a big X & O

TOITA said...

As in any major shows, he might be waiting for us to be all too anxious and waiting to make a big entrance!! hahahahaha!!!

Way to go BBV!!!

Love and miss you!!


Robincita said...

He's coming on Sunday. Right smack in the middle of NFL playoffs. Typical little man.

catherine said...

omg this is totally random but i just wanted to let you know that when i googled "McKenzies king cake order" just now, the first thing to pop up was an entry from here called The Great King Cake Debate! wow, fame and fortune in the family! anxiously awaiting bbv's entrez into the world! love to all y'all xoxo neets