Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Home Improvements, Part I

I have been distracted by all of the chaos of the holidays and the countdown to the arrival of BBV and I never got a chance to show you the latest home improvement - our fabulous Christmas present from Nana and Papa-T. Check it out:

We now have a kitchen table and chairs lit by a most-impressive fixture. Everyone was skeptical about my choice of lighting, bellyaching that it was too 'modern' (except Nana) but once Papa-T installed it (an impressive accomplishment considering the odds when he first tackled the project) I think it became a crowd-pleaser. It is like a whole new world for us. We sit down and face each other during meals (as opposed to rubbing elbows at the bar) and Loki no longer loots La Luz's breakfast (and lunch) from the coffee table in the den (I know, pathetic that I allow her to eat breakfast standing at the coffee table in the den in front of cartoons, but this was before the advent of the kitchen table).

Nothing soothes the need to nest like getting just what one needs to improve the aesthetic of a room and the day to day function of a family. Thank you Nana and Papa-T, oh, and Ikea.


Jessie said...

It looks awesome...can't wait to see it in person. Gotta love Ikea.

Anonymous said...

I love the fixture!!!!Great taste whoever picked it out.

Love, Aunt linda,