Sunday, January 04, 2009

What Did And Didn't Happen This Weekend

We did not have the baby this weekend, but we did have another major event. After a sad and somewhat teary farewell to this guy:

We brought this guy home:

We hemmed and hawed and tried to avoid it and considered being stupid parents meriting the intervention of social services but, no matter how we rationalized, there was just no way around the fact that the Wrangler was not a safe place for La Luz, much less a newborn to ride around. So, we settled on a Forrester and, I have to say, it is lovely; nothing fancy but everything we need. I am not thrilled about the additional monthly expense, but with both of us sharing in the pick up and drop off responsibilities, it was inevitable.

The bug's last Jeep drive

In other exciting news, BBV is still enjoying plenty of quality in time inside of my womb. Despite feeling some aches and pains last week which may or may not have been contractions (does anyone REALLY know what those pre-labor/false contractions feel like anyway) that made me grimace and reach for nearest couch, the baby is still gestating. I suppose he is content to go all the way until his due date, January 9th, and I can't say I mind, particularly if I feel the way I felt over the weekend (pretty much ache and pain free as long as I don't do too much). This is about what my weekend consisted of (after an early morning trip to Audubon Park on Saturday with La Luz and Loki lead me to believe I was about to give birth under Shelter #4):

Me, sitting up not because it is more comfy but because of the raging heartburn. Clearly this baby will be covered in hair.


Scarlet said...

Julie! I totally might get a Subaru Forrester!! My Dad has been trying to talk me into it! I really like it!

NolaMom said...

I was having false contractions for weeks and had no idea until someone described them. Usually happened when I was walking and my stomach would completely tighten and become so uncomfortable that I wouldhave to walk bent over. Very strange. Can't wait for the big day! You still look fabulous.

lindavaicius said...

Hey Julie,
I'm sure that BBV will have hair, but the heartburn means hair thing is a myth. I had heartburn so bad while pregnant with stacey that I lost weight because I couldn't eat. Everyone said OMG, the baby will have a ton of hair, well she came out totally bald and didn't even get hair until she was almost 2yrs.Then Stacey, who had no heartburn with Nattie, and she had a head full of jet black hair. Its just one of those old wives tales .Anyway, you look great!

Love to all, Linda,