Monday, December 29, 2008

Just To Let You Know

Things have been busy around here - Christmas, family in town, a big wedding, and a baby due in 10 or so days can take up more time than you would imagine. But, in all fairness, the real time burner is a little gift Santa left under the tree for Christian.

Here's what we have been up to lately:

I had another doctor's appointment today and she told me that I haven't really progressed much since last week. I feel much closer to giving birth today than I did a week ago, but I guess that stands to reason. I have another appointment in a week and the doctor wants to talk about inducing at that time. As far as I am concerned, the baby can stay put for a bit longer. I still have plenty of things to attend to at work and, with all the distractions around me, I have not been particularly efficient. Fortunately, Molly came over yesterday and helped me get the baby's room into shape and it is totally done - clothes washed, crib made, mobile put together and attached to the bed - we are ready.


Anonymous said...


How did you even get to post on the blog? You must be wiped out and especially after the dinner that you had this evening....
Love & Miss you

Does he have 2 guitars that came with that?

Christian said...

Mom gotta have 2 guitars so I can rock with my girls.

TOITA said...

hahahahahahahahaha! I can see how Molls and you get everything done, and nothing better than a Guitar Hero session after that!!! Gee I can`t wait to go and play with my Dude!!!! Looove that stuff..Have you tried the WII????



Kitty Brown said...

Oh yes, 2 guitars are essential. We'll bring our Wii Fit down on our next trip, so you can get obsessed with that, too!