Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Quick Save From The Cutting Room Floor

Here are a few pictures of the bug from an impromptu photo session on the front porch last Saturday. I thought one of these might make the cut as the Christmas Card 2008 photo, but Christian occasionally steps in as artistic director and offers an opinion. Consequently, you will not be seeing any of these pictures on our Christmas card but they were just too cute not to share:

I am working on getting a decent shot of our tree to post, but am having trouble with the lighting at night (basically the only time I am around to take the picture). I know I bellyached about the tree a few days ago, but it really is quite cute and the pictures I have taken do not do it any justice. I will try to take one this weekend during the daytime.

Great news about the heater - our ac/heat man checked it out earlier today and it was apparently some sort of clogged line. He fixed it within minutes and the bill was minimal, particularly considering I was bracing for another astronomical, unexpected expense. Thank you, thank you.


NolaMom said...

How can you get cuter than those?!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you shared those pics, and great news on the heater

ummmhello said...

Those really are adorable pics :) I'm still struggling to get one for the Christmas cards, too. Mostly bc I can't get my kids to sit still and face the camera at the same time. And GREAT NEWS on the heating fix!

Kitty Brown said...

Good news re the heater. If those cute pics didn't make the cut, I cannot WAIT to see the card!