Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BBV Update

I had a check up this afternoon to get a status update on BBV. Since most of you probably aren't interested in hearing about the specifics of what is now going to be a weekly exam, I will summarize it all by telling you that everything is on track for an early January delivery date. Interestingly, I hadn't really felt any contractions/cramping until about an hour ago. I think, however, it could be attributable to a combination of the exam and bouncy Wrangler ride, in bumper to bumper traffic, all the way out to Barnes and Noble. (I spent a few hours this evening preparing all of La Luz's Christmas gifts for her friends. Next up, the Christmas cards. I have to get those in the mail asap.)

When I got home tonight the bug was very excited about one particular Christmas present from a classmate - a Rudolph nose. Last year these things freaked her out. This year...well, see for yourself:

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