Monday, December 08, 2008

A Few Things

The upstairs heating unit in our house is broken. We are not exactly sure what is wrong with it, but are guessing that we are not lucky enough for it to be just a fuse. Richmond offered to climb into the attic and take a look at the furnace yesterday, but heating systems scare me a little too much to allow that to happen. The temperature has been tolerable upstairs, though it was a bit chilly over the weekend. We will be fine tomorrow but I understand there is a front coming through mid-week. Let's hope it is repaired by then, and please cross your fingers that it is not another $1,000.00 repair, because my dream rocker/glider for bbv is slowly slipping beyond reach.

We took La Luz to Build A Bear at Lakeside this weekend. We have passed by it a few times and she has stood there, slack jawed, taking it all in. The place is insane and the workers must be medicated because after just thirty minutes in there Christian and I both had migraines. La Luz loved every frenetic minute of it and even responded to all of the insane 'stuffers' commands - and she is not a child that likes to respond precisely when prompted. The end result of our trip is a huge pink and black leopard who goes by 'Pinkish Blackish'.

Here she is giving Pinkish Blackish her first bath:

Last but not least, Cao defeated Dollar Bill on Saturday. Hooray. I am finally a little bit less embarrassed. I can't say that I am thrilled to have Cao representing my voice, and I seriously doubt we have much in common, but I am happy nonetheless. As my friend Jennifer said earlier today, "I would've voted for a box of farts over Dollar Bill."


Kelsea said...

Why am I not surprised that the name is "Pinkish Blackish"? I love that strange little girl you have, Julie. I hope BBV is just as strange.

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, "Please have him already".

Scarlet said...

omg.... first of all, I was at Build a Bear last night getting Maddie the two moose dolls - her hearts' desire. Not only did I feel a migraine coming on, but did not realize that I could buy the already-stuffed bears. A salesgirl came over and rescued me, because there was no way I was kissing a heart, and was not thrilled about standing in that line. Second - Maddie has the same bear as Lucy - got it last year from Gran-Granny. Ours is named Jaguar, and its wardrobe (if you can imagine) consists of the Hannah Montana microphone, brown leopard print shoes, sparkly sweater and skirt. AHHHHH

Anonymous said...

Lucy looks like she was really enjoying herself. I love the picture.