Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It is cold cold cold, at least by NOLA standards. Last night it was about 70 degrees. When I left the house this morning it was about 59 degrees. I left the office mid-day for a lovely lunch with the girls at Flaming Torch to celebrate the upcoming arrival of BBV and it was 56 degrees. Tonight as I left work it was 48 degrees, raining hard, and windy. A few minutes ago it was 45 degrees outside, raining hard and windy. This is perfect holiday weather (minus the wind and rain). I am incredibly thankful that our heater is working. I think it would be unbearable for me otherwise. We are such wimps, I know.

A few more recent pics of La Luz to warm you up:

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Scarlet said...

You know, I still call Beau "Baby Boy Moore." Hard to believe that he will be 8 on January 3 -- perhaps the birthday of Baby Boy Vaicius! Miss you!