Monday, December 01, 2008

My Favorite Time Of Year

I love the period of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I enjoy pretty much everything about the holidays, with the exception of the pressure to shop and spend. This time of year comes with an added bonus in our house - no after school activities for Christian. The evenings and nights are so incredibly different when Christian is not coaching. On a typical afternoon he will pick La Luz up from school around 3:30 or 4:00, they will walk home and, maybe, stop at the playground on the corner. At around 5:30 they will eat dinner together (and, yea, I hate to miss this and realize I really should be there, but it makes much more sense for the bug to eat dinner between 5:30 and 6:00) and then, by the time I get home around 6:30, La Luz is bathed and ready for bed, usually coloring and/or watching a movie and chilling out. At that point, all I have to do is all that I have wanted to do all day long, visit with her and hear about her day and tell her about mine. In addition to all of that, I never have to worry about running mid-week errands during my lunch break or on the way home from work, further delaying my arrival home, because La Luz and Christian have plenty of time in the afternoon to take care of all of those odds and ends.

Tonight when I got home La Luz was all snuggly in her warmest pjs (it is very cold for NOLA tonight and these pjs are justified, I promise) and was thrilled to show me her latest acquisition - an Advent calendar from the Birmingham Browns! I cannot believe they remembered! Of course, I have been keeping my eyes open for one and have not found one, so this arrived just in time. Thank you so much!

Look how warm and cuddly:

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