Monday, December 22, 2008

Nothing Like The Holidays

La Luz is flipping out with all of the excitement. My siblings have all arrived safely in NOLA and, so, things are buzzing around mom and pop's house. Josh spent hours in the kitchen creating a delicious dinner for everyone, La Luz visited with Aunt Molly (who apparently learned how to crochet over the last 6 months - a scarf for the bug and a blanket for bbv - wow) and avoided nap time. I spent my night dealing with laundry - washing, sorting, folding, putting away, etc. I still have a few more loads of baby clothes to wash and a bit of organizing in the baby's room to deal with, but I have to put it on hold so I can devote some time tomorrow night to last minute shopping and wrapping. I managed to throw a nursing bra and a few pair of underwear into a bag along with a sweatshirt for Christian just in case this baby decides to arrive a bit early. I am now totally wiped out and am looking forward to crashing because the baby is moving around a ton and is hitting a bunch of nerves. Ouch...checkup tomorrow should give some clues as to when he might arrive.

But first, a few pictures from the weekend:

La Luz and GG, enjoying some kettle corn at the Arts Market:

Me and the bug, waiting for Nana and Papa-T:

At Miracle on Fulton Street:

Checking out the Nutcracker in the revolving door:


Scarlet said...

I miss you guys so much and am thinking of you every day - anxiously anticipating photos of my new baby boy! Love to you, Christian and La Luz!

Mary Cox said...

i have got to see y'all soon, hopefully in a week! Maybe this little boy will come a little early so i can meet him too!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?