Wednesday, December 03, 2008


One of my all-time favorite Christmas cartoons came on earlier tonight and, because I have too much going on at work, I was only able to catch the last ten minutes. When I got home Christian and La Luz were lounging on the sofa under blankets, drinking hot chocolate and watching Rudolph...exactly what I wanted to be doing. I am glad they got to enjoy it. For some reason La Luz was not scared of the Abominable Snowman this year. Last year she was terrified but this year she thought he was hilarious because he has "boobs". Go figure.

Speaking of terrified, La Luz is still completely freaked out by carousels. What is her problem? Does she think the horse is going to break away from the carousel and go galloping off somewhere? Is she worried she might fall off? Because I have never seen that happen. Maybe she thinks one of the other horses might eat her. The only way she would agree to ride on it was with me right behind her on the same horse. Have you ever tried riding one of those things as an adult? Have you ever tried riding one of those things 9 months pregnant sharing it with a petrified 3 year-old? It was possibly the longest and most uncomfortable 7 minutes of my life.

Here she is at the birthday party last Saturday. Check out the white knuckles:


TOITA said...

Poor thing!! look at that face!!! Maybe she does not like the fake horses?!?!? And she wants a REAL ride on a REAL horse!! :) I just came back from an early morning ride before coming to the office...Great way to start a Thursday uh?
You can bring her here and we will have a blast riding on Clarita!!!



lindavaicius said...

OMG! that poor girl looks so scared, everyone has some kind of fear in life and maybe thats just hers. She looks like Nattie last week when she seen santa, stacey went to put her on his lap and she took off like a rocket. They had to go back again with the whole family in odrer to get her in the photo, kids are so funny.

xxxx-oooo Aunt Linda