Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He Eats Cheerios, People

I had to drop off James at daycare this morning because Christian had an early meeting. It is a task that always delays my arrival time at work, but I love it because it means extra time with Big Sexy, something I cannot ever get enough of these days.

I was particularly excited to have drop off duty today because it has been a while since I set foot inside of James' daycare and I was looking forward to an opportunity to chit-chat with the caregivers about James' most recent milestones. In particular, I was thrilled to inform them that he has started eating puffs, the instantly disintegrating bite-sized baby food that you generally feed to babies who have mastered the art of crawling. True, James is not crawling and, much like La Luz, is not showing much interest in doing so, but I threw caution to the wind a few weeks ago and tested him out with puffs and he loved them and, more importantly, didn't choke to death when eating them.

When I arrived at daycare this morning and informed them of the newest development the caregivers looked at me like I was crazy and said, "puffs, really mama, he has been eating those for weeks, he actually prefers Cheerios". I was instantly slack-jawed. My baby ate Cheerios, eats Cheerios, and I had no idea? What else does he do that I don't know about? As I turned around to leave they placed him in a walker. Yes, it is what you think it is...a baby contraption that I am pretty sure was discontinued and recalled years ago. But you know what, he loved it.

Here's the gang this morning, watching Dora and getting geared up for another exciting day:

And you know what? It was cool enough to drive to school with the windows down. Wow. Helloo cooler weather, we have been waiting for you with open arms.

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