Sunday, October 04, 2009

You Cannot Stop Him

Over the weekend, while La Luz and Christian were in Georgia for the UGA v. LSU game, James and I had quality time together. One of the highlights for James was a very brief trip to the Children's Clothing Exchange where I scored a walker for $15. I am still not certain if walkers were discontinued, but I figured they wouldn't be selling one if it was dangerous, right? After scrubbing it down with bleach water and washing the seat part, it looks as good as new, for the most part. And now, well, James is basically a terror on wheels.

It is time to start the overwhelming task of child-proofing. He has already been in the garbage can and cleared out the Tupperware cabinet. I fear that unless we take action, the next stop is the knife drawer.

Here he is, making a break for the door:

and La Luz, ever the protector, putting a stop to the nonsense:

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