Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday Pictures

I spent the past hour putting away folded clothes. They had been building up for a week or two. I do not understand why putting clothes away is so difficult for us. It always seems like such a pointless exercise because tonight there were clothes drying, and tomorrow there will be more to put away, and it just never ends. But the alternative, stacks upon stacks of clothes, mad scrambles for uniform bloomers and matching socks and, the worst scenario of all in my opinion - the ritualistic unfolding and throwing into random piles that Christian does when searching through stacks for clean t-shirts - make my blood boil. Because the alternative is no good, I have to spend time putting clothes away and it often seems like such an unnecessary waste of time. Maybe one day someone will invent something that streamlines the process.

On to other important matters - pictures and brief stories from our lovely Saturday -

After hanging out at the Bywater Arts Market with Katie, Aunt Kate, and Meenokshi and meeting dozens of precious, adoptable dogs, La Luz and I headed to the garden show at City Park to check out her class scarecrow, Purple Crow A Licious:

On the way home we stopped by GG and Papa George's house to pick up some of GG's fabulous vegetable soup and joined them for a lovely lunch:

James, spending time in the playstation at home with Daddy, poor guy has been sniffly and we didn't think he would enjoy the excursion:

Loki, enjoying the sunshine patch, where he spent most of the weekend...dogs are so good at finding just the right one:

I am going out of town for work on Wednesday morning but, fortunately, Nana is coming to the rescue. She arrives tomorrow night and La Luz can barely contain herself. I am so glad she is going to be here because I know I do not need to worry about everyone while I am away. Maybe, just maybe, I will catch up on some much-needed rest.

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