Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wild Thing

Christian and I took advantage of some free babysitting while Nana and Papa-T were in town this past weekend and headed over to the Prytania Theater for the late show of Where The Wild Things Are. It had all the makings of a movie for me to love - one of my top 5 books, a Dave Eggars screenplay, Spike Jonz direction, ridiculous wild thing costumes - but it fell flat. I am sad - not because I can't bring La Luz to see it because it is dark and scary and really really heavy - but because it just kind of dragged a bit and left me feeling, well, just sort of "so what"-ish about the whole thing. There were a few moments when I felt a little teary - difficult departures always evoke those emotions - but, other than that and a totally like-able 'Max' played by non-actor and coincidentally named, Max Records, I was not really moved.

The Prytania Theater, on the other hand, always moves me. I am not sure if I have mentioned it before but, in case I haven't, here you have it : it is the first digital theater in NOLA and you will notice a difference. If you don't care so much about sight and sound and are more concerned about melted milk duds on your seat cushion, rest assured, the place is in great shape. If your last visit to the Prytania was not in 2009, you owe it a chance. It is a remarkable place and the owner is dedicated to cinema. He runs classics a few times a week, midnight movies on the weekend, and loves nothing more than to visit with anyone who appreciates movies in the lobby between shows.

One very important hobby that Christian and I share is a love of movies, particularly the act of going to a movie and watching it unfold in larger-than-life proportions. We are not snobbish or particular and will generally indulge in whatever sounds entertaining at the moment. Sure, we have standards (we have never seen any of the Final Destinations or Fast and the Furious movies, for example) but they are not very high. I hope that we pass this love on to our kids because, at least for me, there is no greater escape than spending 2 hours engrossed in something that is not my life. So, even though I didn't love WTWA, I loved 2 hours in the Prytania Theater when my only concern was what Max would do next.

La Luz as Max, courtesy of the incredibly crafty cut-out featured at the Wilson twins' bi-annual Wild Things Birthday Party last Saturday, ROAR:

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Kitty Brown said...

Oh no! We've been waiting to see this, and I so wanted it to be wonderful. Unfortunately, that just doesn't seem to be the case. Boo.