Monday, October 26, 2009

All For Tradition

Long, long ago, years before I was ever a student at ASH, girls wore white party dresses on special occasions. I guess they decided to bring this idea back a few years ago and now there are a handful of days each year when the Pre-K and K girls wear white dresses. I gather that it coincides with feast days that are particularly important to ASH girls, days when they celebrate Mater.

I am not necessarily a traditional person; however, the older I get the more I appreciate traditions and understand why they are important. At this point in my life any excuse to see La Luz looking angelic works for me. Sure, the ironing and the finding the dress shoes and socks and the getting the hair just right and the tying of the bows complicates the morning prep a bit, but I wouldn't trade it. Here she is on her way to celebrate Mater's Feast at ASH:

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Kitty Brown said...

What a BEAUTIFUL dress.