Sunday, October 11, 2009

James, 9 Months

James is now nine months old. Nine months. Yikes. In just nine quick months so many incredible things happen and I wish I could slow it all down, just a bit. The most newsworthy milestones are the top two teeth with an absolutely irresistible gap in between and crawling. I haven't properly documented either one yet. It is challenging photographing top teeth when all James wants to do is put anything that comes within reach into his mouth. The crawling presents a different set of challenges. I guess the main reason I decided not to document it is because it would look like a clip from one of those Discovery Health shows that come on late at night, "No Limbs, No Problem" or something like that. Because although it is technically a crawl, it appears to be a bit more of a propelling and dragging sort of thing going on. He can get wherever he needs to go but that is thanks, in large part, to the developing upper body strength. The legs play no role in this whatsoever - at least, not yet. The good news is we likely will not have to vacuum again until James starts walking.

The monthly photos are becoming incredibly challenging. I had to enlist La Luz's help this time since Christian was not around. The results:

In some of the most anti-climatic news ever - the birthday present for mom completely backfired. We got her an iphone and she was actually totally psyched about it and ready to embrace it BUT then AT&T reared its ugly head (the one that made me break a contract and switch to Verizon over a decade ago) and we basically couldn't make it happen unless she wanted to break her current contract (which does not include a data package) and get a new phone number. Unfortunately, mom will have to wait until June 2010 to actually use her present. Bummer.

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