Sunday, November 14, 2010

NOLA Weekend Family Reunion

The weekend was much anticipated as it brought the arrival of Nana and Papa-T, and cousin Robin, Scott and precious baby Luca from San Diego. We couldn't wait to meet Luca, who is just a few months younger than James and totally adorable. Despite not feeling 100%, she was totally charming and lovable. Needless to say, the weekend was rather busy and Christian was totally preoccupied with work so we did not see much of him. I am sure we sent Nana and Papa-T back to Atlanta completely exhausted because Luz and James would not let them rest - multiple trips to the park, chase around the house, rough-housing, you name it. When they left earlier today both kids were gloomy and James kept saying "Nana", as if he was convinced she was in the house but I was hiding her. It was funny but also sort of heartbreaking seeing his sad face.

They both perked up a bit after an afternoon 'nature' walk with Loki followed by a surprise visit from Kelsea. We ended the night watching Shrek. For some reason Luz had not ever seen it. She totally freaked out when she realized Farquaad killed Mama Bear and turned her into a rug. I was not at all prepared to deal with the buckets of tears and the utter disappointment.

Some pics - the first one was so easy that I pressed my luck and managed to get all three kids in the same frame - wow. Sure, they are not all looking at the camera, but at least nobody is having a melt-down, which is usually the case. Oh, and we are at Cafe Du Monde, of course.

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