Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When I was little I had a deep fascination with the Disney movie, The Jungle Book. I imagine that, after Christopher Robin, my first true crush was Mowgli. How could you not love his shaggy hair and ear to ear grin? I could not help myself, whenever he was on the screen I smiled. And then, at the end of the movie when he sees the adorable little girl from the man-village (Shanti) collecting water and he starts to fall in love, I could barely contain myself. In my 5 year-old mind it all seemed so incredibly romantic.

Luz is equally transfixed. She has the movies memorized, she knows the songs by heart and, most importantly, she too would like to be that girl collecting water.

Here she is reenacting the scene where Baloo scratches his back during one of my favorite numbers, "The Bear Necessities." In typical fashion, James follows suit:

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kelsea Renton said...

Luz looks so much like you in that last one, Julie! And I mean you NOW, not you when you were little. She looks so grown up... Oh and Jamesy, adorable.