Sunday, January 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Jamesy

Most of the weekend was spent celebrating a very special 2nd birthday and I just could not get over feeling incredibly heartbroken about the fact that he is 2. I realize it sounds overly-sentimental, but losing a loved one and having a baby all within in such a short period of time tends to make one hyper-sensitive about the crushing- bittersweet nature of life. Embrace every life to the fullest...yeah, I get all of that, but still there is that achy little reminder that it is all fleeting.

So, we are left with no choice but to cherish every moment and make a proper memory together; and sometimes it is as simple as a bouquet of daisies and the sugary-sweetness of a perfectly baked king cake (Hi-Do Bakery in Terrytown, in case you were wondering).


Anonymous said...

Aw, he looks so precious! Happy birthday sweet baby James. love you

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Debbie J Abdullah said...

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alex said...

your lucky to have a baby like james hope he celebrate more birthdays..

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