Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cousin Time

Nana and Papa-T surprised Luz and James when they showed up with Liam and Pete for a weekend visit. We managed to pack a ton of activities into 48 hours and capped off the weekend with Luz's birthday party - a swimming party with some of her friends from school.

I apologize for the sporadic posting but the chaos of the end of the school year coupled with the chaos at work is challenging. By the end of the day I can barely muster the energy for thirty minutes of mind-numbing television. I promise that more regular posts will be the rule again soon enough. Until then, I leave you with a little taste of what this past weekend was like.

Here is yet another attempt at a shot of all of the cousins. Clearly I was mistaken when I said this would be easier to capture as the kids got older:

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