Sunday, May 01, 2011

Jazz Fest 2011

When we first saw the JF 2011 lineup a few months ago Christian and I knew we would be there Sunday evening to close out the first weekend watching the Decemberists at the Fais Do Do stage. With the kids occupied at mom's house and visiting with their cousins, Jack and William, Christian and I enjoyed the first JF in a long time with no kids in tow and we had a ton of fun. Although Christian both opened and shut the place down, I did not get out there until after three...just enough time for crawfish bread, strawberry lemonade and a few laps around the track before the start of the main event.

It was a lovely afternoon, one we hope to repeat next week with kids in permitting, of course:

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TOITA said...

you knew this was a post I was going to enjoyed, right?!?!?!? Mmmmm strawberry lemonade!!! Gosh I miss New Orleans!!!!