Wednesday, May 04, 2011

This Guy

Repeats everything that this girl

says and does

and I can only imagine that it requires a bottomless pit of patience on her part as well as a great sense of humor, and (thankfully) she has both.

He is also really really really into cars and trains (which is cool because he can hear the trains that run along the Mississippi clearly from our house), enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, can speak in complete sentences (despite there being only a handful of folks who can understand what he is saying), has an obsessive relationship with pasta of all sorts (much like his mama), and is 100% sweetness and filled with hugs and kisses.


Kitty Brown said...

Love him. Love her. Must plan beach getaway? XOXO

Dentist said...

"Oh what a cute and sweet 2 little Angels

It a very cool pictures one of my favorites is fourth and sixth one...

Thanks for sharing me such nice photos.."