Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jazz Fest 2011

Last year it was all about the kids' tent...where had I been? Why did I not know about this oasis for fussy toddlers and exhausted parents? How did I miss the reduced price fare, the shade, the toys and the crafts? It was an incredible discovery and we were back again this year and loved every minute of it...except the part when James hit a spicey patch in the mac and cheese...yeah, I get it, it's NOLA and everybody likes a little spice, and James does not have a sensitive palate...I guess this was just a generous batch...

This year we discovered the misting tent and, once again, I was reduced to scratching my head and thinking "how did I not know about this place." It is not tucked away, off the beaten path, like the kids area. In fact, it is right on the side of the main drag and, even on a somewhat mild day, it is a refreshing treat that is not to be missed:

My overall review of JF 2011 is glowing - great weather, great crowd control, awesome bands, and delicious food. My top runners are still strawberry lemonade and crawfish bread but I also enjoyed a few Miller Lites and a couple of bites of a cochon de lait po-boy. Christian still counts the meat pies as his top runner, I think. My only complaint is the price, but, thanks the generosity of friends, we were able to make it happen and document it with a few pictures I will treasure:

Luz, finally working up the guts to kick out the jams at Fais Do Do:

Laughing and playing:

Jazz Fest high:

Heading home:

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