Sunday, October 23, 2011


We are in full-on Halloween mode around the Vaicius house.  Luz has already eaten more Halloween candy this season than I did in all of the Halloweens of my youth combined...seriously.  She continues to be obsessed with ghosts and is fascinated by a book about Alabama ghosts that her Aunt Kate sent (13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey...very creepy).

It was a busy but lovely weekend around here.  I celebrated my 20th, yes 20th high school reunion, we watched a ton of volleyball (my first time making it to one of Christian's games all year), spent some time with Mary Cox and Katie, enjoyed some of the most incredible NOLA weather ever, and rested up for the start of my NEW JOB tomorrow morning.  Yikes.

I am capping off the weekend watching an easy Saints victory and checking out some of the many pics I took over the weekend at the reunion festivities.  My favorite, by far, is this one:


Kelsea said...

I'd love to hear about your new job---Congrats! And I can't wait for my twenty year ASH reunion...

Neila said...

Congrats on the job!