Sunday, October 16, 2011

LLV Favorites

These days Luz loves:

1.  School - almost every minute of every day...I am shocked, my memory of First Grade is that it was hard and boring
2.  Scooby Doo - any episode, classic or contemporary, Scrappy or no Scrappy
3.  American Girl Dolls - all of the dolls and all of the accoutrement with very little appreciation for the price
4.  Her cousins - why are they all in other cities...
5.  Going to the park, any park, with friends
6.  Wednesday afternoons with mom-mom
7.  Trips to Atlanta to visit Nana and Papa-T and spend time with her cousins
8.  Halloween - not just because of the candy, she has always liked creepy things, and this year the hot topic is ghosts/spirits
9.  Swimming
10. Reading, especially Junie B. Jones books (and, yeah, she can pretty much do it herself)
11. Being a big sister to James - which involves endless amounts of patience and good humor
12. Playing 'school'
13. Math homework, I am not kidding, just wait until she learns my dark secret about hating math
14. Movies
15. Theater, all kinds, but most recently and most especially, The Addams Family
16. Top 40 Music...yeah, I know....
17. Her bun bun, still...but the need for a lovey is dwindling...lately I find him on the floor and across the room and even in the hallway when it used to be that she could not sleep without him
18. Clothes that look like they would be worn by a teenager, I guess there are no more smocked dresses in her future...
19.  The IPhone, IPad and Droid and all of the games available on those devices
20.   Dogs...when are we getting a new one...I have no idea...


lindavaicius said...

I like numbers.........#1 #3 #9 #10 #13 #14 #18 #19

they are Delaney's favorites also, I'm not sure about math but i know she loves spelling. She loves to read all her moms magazines...

Love the pic of Lucy, she ia so sweet!!!

lindavaicius said...

I meant to say "Lucy is so sweet"..

I also just realized #19....she is not so much into phones (sometimes)..she is more of a computer geek! her and Nattie are always on the computer! Dee asked me if Lucy has an email address so she can email her, i said i will does she?

Cathie said...

You forgot to say that she loves to wear dresses!

Kelsea said...

Don't give up on the smocked dresses! And it breaks my heart that she is getting over her silky/lovey... What a big girl!

Scarlet said...

I bet bun-bun is going with her on her honeymoon. Just sayin'..... I miss you more than words can say!