Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JCV Favorites

These days James loves:
1.  The Ipad (Plants v. Zombies, Angry Birds, Animal Train Safari, Driving, etc).  He also loves looking at photos on the Ipad;
2.  Christian's IPhone (all games mentioned above and Star Wars Lightsaber Ap);
3.  My Droid, although not nearly as much;
5.  Music, all sorts, especially whatever Luz is into;
6.  Movies (Yogi Bear, Tangled, Toy Story 3);
7.  TV (Dora, Team UmiZoomi, Jake, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins);
8.  Books (Scuppers the Sailor Dog, Goodnight Moon, Big Red Barn...still);
9.  Trains (Chuggington & Thomas but any old train will do);
10. Cars (especially THE CARS but any old cars will do);
11. All trucks, boats, planes, etc...especially live ones;
12. Pasta (any kind - plain more so than traditional mac and cheese these days);
13. Hugs (this guy loves to cuddle and I know that will end soon);
14. Copying Luz...every day, all day;
15. Running and jumping, especially long distances and off of furniture;
16. Fake talking to Nana on the phone...this goes on all day long;
17. Playing at the park, any park, especially when other kids are there to play with him;
18. Ice Cream and Pinkberry but I think it is just an excuse to eat the 5 or so gummy bears on top;
19. Going to mom-mom's house and I think he pretty much knows the way and would walk there if allowed;
20. WINNIE - we have 3 - a big one, a classic one and a traditional little Pooh (his true sweet)!


Linda said...

I like 16 & 19 :)

Kitty Brown said...

What a great recap of his favs at this point -- hopefully all 3 of the boys can watch Cars over thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh my cuddlebug for sure........Love Nana