Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What To Do On A Fall NOLA Day - Part II

After a lovely and not-too-crowded morning at the City Park Carousel Gardens, Christian and Papa-T spent the afternoon flying from NOLA to Thibodaux and around both cities. It took them less than 20 minutes to get to Thibodaux by plane - amazing!  Christian got some really cool shots of the farm and cane fields while they circled.  He also snapped a picture of our neighborhood.  I will eventually post them (once I can figure out what I am looking at and can properly orient everyone).

While the guys flew, Nana and I took the kids to the Freret Street Market.  I had not been in a long time and there were a few things I wanted to check out.  I knew they would have a few adoptable dogs out there (not too many since the big SPCA event was going on simultaneously in City Park) and there were a few cute ones.  I also figured there would be good music and food.  The highlights for the kids were the crepes and the lemonade.  Poor Nana barely got a bite of her cheddar bacon crepe.  The highlights for me were the crafts - especially Miss.  Malaprop - she has some great rings, hair accessories and earrings - and this delicious herbal tea and infused water stand.  I cannot remember the vendor and Christian was incredulous when I told him I spent $3 on her water BUT it was delicious, truly.

There is so much great stuff to say about Freret Street.  It has clearly become a destination and that is thanks, at least in part, to the allure of the Freret Street Market.  I think the market takes place once a month and I recommend checking it out if you have a free afternoon. We enjoyed every minute of our trip.

After an evening bbq we headed down Magazine Street to Pinkberry and were entertained throughout the walk by all of the Art for Arts Sake festivities.  Granted, because we had the kids with us and only a limited amount of time (the sun had already set and bedtime was fast approaching), we did not go in any of the stores or galleries (other than Pinkberry) but there was plenty of people watching to do and some great store fronts - even a karaoke machine manned by someone with a love for cheesy 80's music.  AfAS is a fabulous event that has grown exponentially over the years.  There is a free shuttle on Magazine Street so you can drink without worrying about driving and walk knowing that a ride is there for you if you need it.  As long as I am in town I will check out this event every year.  The kids loved it too...but slowly started to get worn out on the walk home:

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