Wednesday, February 08, 2012

King Cake Taste Testing

Luz got the king cake baby last week so tomorrow it is her turn to bring the cake.  I saw the old timey Gambinos sign while cruising around in Metairie last week, as I tend to do now that I work out there, and I started to feel nostalgic.  So, I stopped by today and picked up a Gambinos king cake for Luz, one for Christian to take to his homeroom, and a one for me to eat this weekend (I plan to run a bunch of miles and will need a good reward).  

I am not wild about the packaging (something about all the plastic makes it look less appealing) but the sugar to bread ratio looks about right.  I got a traditional one, as usual, and it looks like it has cinnamon on the inside.  I am looking forward to trying it and am curious to see if it rivals my current front-runner, Haydel's.  I will let you know...

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