Monday, February 13, 2012

The Whole Street Is Jumping

Carnival season is in full swing here in NOLA and, consequently, there is not much leisure time around here.  Luz and Christian are in full parade-going mode and will not miss a single float.  James and I are still warming up and require bribes to get out there for every parade (Abita beer in a can for me, cotton candy for James).  I was even less motivated on Sunday after a long training run and a nasty wipe out mid-way through it (my knees are swollen and bruised and totally achey - my fingers are crossed that rest, ice, and IBP will get them back to normal by Wednesday).

We are looking forward to a chaotic week and a house filled with friends and family. Unfortunately, the house work is not complete.  I was hoping to have it freshly painted and nicely decorated in time for the weekend, but it has been so rainy that everything is behind schedule.  Overall, even with just a coat of primer, it is a huge improvement.  The addition of the transom numbers on Friday night made a big difference too.  Incidentally, if you are looking for someone in New Orleans to put your house numbers on your transom, check out  The guys there were very helpful and did a great job.  I will take a picture of the handiwork soon so you can see for yourself.

Oh, and tomorrow is Valentine's Day...I know, it is a silly holiday, but having children makes even silly holidays more fun.  There is something to be said about spending one day out of the year thinking about the people that make your heart full, right?

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Kitty Brown said...

Sweet babies. Happy Valentine's Day!!!