Tuesday, February 07, 2012

R. E. A. D.

For the past six months James and I have spent a peaceful hour together on Saturday mornings at R.E.A.D. The weekly, hour-long class focuses on reading enrichment and development through movement, music, art, and creative play.  I wish I had known about the program when Luz was little because I know she would have enjoyed it.  James looks forward to Saturday mornings and I do too - not just for what it provides him - but because I like the one-on-one time together.  At the end of each class the kids can check out a backpack that centers around a book(s) or a theme.  Last week we had 10 Little Monkeys. This week we have a zoo themed backpack.  The socialization and the learning that happens on Saturday mornings at R.E.A.D. are worth every penny of the cost.  He might not know his colors, but he can sit still for and appreciate a good story.  Let's see if this increases his chances of getting into our Nursery school choice next Fall...truly, nothing is automatic in the world of education these days.

I highly recommend the class for anyone in the NOLA area with a little one looking for some interaction with other kids and enrichment.  There are classes during the week and I know we would go more frequently if I did not have to work.  You can check out the R.E.A.D. website at www.readnola.com.  Oh yeah, and if you sign up for a class, you get a cool shirt like this one:

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