Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Growing Up, As Usual

This absolutely kills me, seriously...





This is the kind of thing about me that annoys me to no end...why could I not take the time to figure out what direction he is facing and keep it consistent. I mean, if I am going to bother to chronicle how fast he is growth like this I should give a little extra effort and get the mise en scene right already...better luck in 2013.

Luz really loves the idea of taking the same picture in the same place every year.  I wish I would have thought to do it with her.


Kitty Brown said...

I'm with Luz -- love this idea. Seems like the biggest change was from 09-10, but maybe that's just because of the hair??

Linda aka Grandma said...

very nice. Julie you did do it with Lucy on the Balcony at the beach for the 1st 2 or 3 yrs, i remember the pics! don't beat yourself up so much about pics...you have a very busy life, you are doing just great!!!!

BTW, you are killing me with this word idenifacation think....i have cataracts..