Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sharpen Up Your Pencils

The lovely, lazy days of summer 2012 came to an end last week and now we are otherwise occupied with school supplies and schedules and after school activities and bedtimes and sleepyheads.  Routines are good though - the kids learn the drill and Christian and I are forced to get organized.  We figure out how to make the most of every free minute and to enjoy each weekend in between.  

Here they are, off for their first day of fun:

Jamesy's first cubby.  He was psyched when he found it!

So far so good, as far as I can tell.  Great teachers, sweet classmates and (most importantly) smiling faces and plenty of stories to share at the end of the day.  

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Kitty Brown said...

Love these shots, Julie. Such sweet smiles! (and I'm quite jealous of the uniforms, I'll have to admit)