Thursday, August 23, 2012

MA Vacation 2012 - Part 3 and Part 4

On day 3 of our MA adventure we headed into Boston for a duck boat tour.  As a general rule I stay away from over-the-top touristy types of things when traveling, but I read some good things about this tour and I just could not resist. There was something appealing about the amphibious vehicle and the idea that the kiddos could get a great overview of the city of Boston (and a little of the history - and there is too much to share on a 2 hour tour).  We had a nutty tour guide who allowed James to take a turn at the wheel to his delight and entertained us with incredible stories about lost neighborhoods and the birthplace of Paul Revere.   I highly recommend a duck boat tour if you are in the Boston area and would like a thorough overview of the city and the history.

We returned to Hummarock that evening to a delicious NE style lobster boil.  I guess the timing was impeccable because the lobsters were just slightly soft shelled but loaded with the most delicious,  decadent lobster meat ever. Needless to say, I ate very well that night!

I am super-bummed about the quality of this pic because it does nothing to capture the awesomeness of Jamesy hanging on to my dinner.

Day 4 was another incredible adventure.  Our first stop was the Miles Standish monument.  I remembered visiting the monument during a prior trip to MA with Christian and I really wanted the kids to share that experience.  There was something about the climb up to the top of the monument up the narrow, precarious steps and the incredible view.  Sadly, we arrived only to find the monument locked and the visitors' hours restricted to some ridiculous time-frame, victims of government cut-backs.    All was not lost, we had a nice hike up to the monument and a quick picnic lunch.  

Our second stop was the Monument to the Founding Fathers.  I was a little curious simply because of the weird Kirk Cameron connection, but figured I was there so why not check it out.  I have to say, I was totally impressed.   I will never forget the 15 or so minutes we spent walking around the monument.  I was moved by things that, generally speaking, don't have much of an impact on me and it felt nice.

James and Luz, ready for a little hike:

Miles Standish Monument, all locked up:

The Monument to the Founding Fathers:

Check it out...even made me tear up...a little tiny bit:

Next up was the super-awesome whale watching tour.  The kids could not believe  that they were saying "real-live" whales up close (and neither could I, incidentally).

The kiddos, looking for whales:

My sweet sis and bro in law.  How cute are they:

Luz and mama...hate that I look so un-glam, particularly in light of above pic and how precious everyone else looks:

On the lookout:

There she is, first sighting of the voyage:

Heading home, sleepy guy(s):

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