Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I Am Kitten, Hear Me Mew

I know, it has been a while, but so much has happened over the past week.  At this point, though, I just don't feel like sharing with you how pathetic it felt to discover that I am a total wimp and turn into a miserable human when I am deprived of electricity.  It pains me to be so incredibly high maintenance, but there is just no getting around it.  Suffice it to say, we are fine.  We had very little Hurricane Isaac damage around the house, office and kids schools.  More than anything it was just a very big inconvenience on so many levels (no electricity for  5 days, no cable/internet for a week, kiddos adjusting to the school routine all over again, etc), but in many ways it was also a blessing for me.  I had seven uninterrupted, (mostly) electronics-free days with the kids.  We read books, played games, imagined, swam, cleaned and enjoyed every minute of our quiet time together.  It was tough to go back to work and send them back to school on Tuesday morning.  I missed them all day long (much more so than usual).  

A few days before Hurricane Isaac made landfall, a tabby cat sort of adopted us.   We were never particularly hospitable.  Christian bought some food and put it out occasionally, but the cat never came inside, we never bothered to figure out if it was male or female, and we cautioned the kids about paying too much attention to it, fearing some sort of alley cat germs or that they might have their hearts stolen away.  I was a little sad when the storm came and thought briefly about letting him/her/it inside, but changed my mind because Christian is so incredibly allergic and I figured it was best to let the cat fend for itself (it had done a pretty good job so far).

Imagine my surprise when Daisy (yeah, we are now pretty sure it's a girl) resurfaced a few days after the storm.  Either she really is the resourceful kitty I pegged her for, or she actually has 9 lives.  At any rate, I think it is time to take her to the vet and get her checked out and fixed (although Luz is dying for her to have kittens so she can buy them each a ball of yarn to play with - just like in the storybooks).

These are from a few days before the storm - look how skeptical Christian is (incidentally, I think he loves her the most out of all of us now) as Luz makes her pitch for why we should keep Daisy:

Cats are tougher to photograph than toddlers, truly.

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Kitty Brown said...

Glad you guys are back in the saddle -- can't wait to hear more cat stories.