Sunday, September 09, 2012

MA Vacation - Part 5

On day 5 we loaded up the SUVs and headed into Boston for a day of fun. The adventure started with a few hours of playing at Castle Island in South Boston where Nana and Papa apparently spent a large amount of their time in their youth.  Papa-T even worked at the restaurant on Castle Island while he was in high school and both he and Nana have fond memories of picnics with family and friends, swimming and relaxing on the beach, and later enjoying romantic sunsets while they "parked"... yep, it is true, Castle Island might actually be the place where Nana and Papa-T fell in love and I cannot imagine a better backdrop.

The kids loved the playground and rolling down the hills.  Unfortunately, we were, yet again, stymied by the unfavorable economy and did not get a chance to get inside of the fort.  We peeked inside and considered returning Thursday night at 7 p.m. for a sunset tour, but we could not make it work...maybe next time.

We tried to get a pic of the grandkids and grandparents but were missing Pete:

Poor guy did not feel like having his picture taken yet again:

Jamesy, playing on the K for kangaroo at the playground:

After an hour or two at Castle Island, we went to Little Italy to check out Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church and enjoy a delicious lunch at one of Nana's favorites, Lucia!

James and C outside of Paul Revere's house:

C and Nana at Lucia's:

Luz, so happy:

And from happiness to annoyance...probably because James is screaming for no reason whatsoever:

Much better, and everyone together:

Tired little legs find strong shoulders:

G E L A T O:

Papa-T found a friend:

We stopped at Mike's Pastries for gelato and tons of other delicious Italian treats and then to Faneuil Hall.  By the end of the afternoon Luz looked like a true Bostonian - Sox cap and Newbury comic in hand:

On the way back to Humarock we made a quick side-trip to show Luz and James the houses where Nana and Papa-T lived.  They got a kick out of seeing the old houses and imagining what life was like for them growing up.  Nana told Luz about how her best friend lived in the same house, just a a floor down, and Luz couldn't believe the awesomeness of having your best friend live that close:

Christian - outside of Nana's childhood home:

With the kids, outside of Papa-T's childhood home:

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Kitty Brown said...

What a neat trip, Julie. Love "seeing" all about it!