Sunday, September 16, 2012

MA Vacation - Part 6

On day six of our vacation we headed to Nantasket Beach to check out what was once (a few decades ago) a popular beach town filled with visitors 24/7 (incidentally, our lovely City Park carousel is also home to one of the 'grand' carousels and is equally as beautiful - it is also about 10 years older!).  Nantasket Beach is home to one of just a handful of these incredible, grand carousels remaining in the U.S.  It is colorful and old-timey and lovely.  It dates back to 1928 and was once the center piece of the beach side amusement park that closed a few decades ago.  It was such a lovely little town and yet it was empty, like a ghost town.  We rode the carousel a few times and the kiddos fell in love with their horses (the names were visible on the leather bridles) and then ate some ice cream while we looked at the beach (more sand, less rock, but not the kind of Gulf sand the kiddos are accustomed to seeing). 

On the way back to the house we checked out a local farmer's market.  We got some delicious raspberries and blueberries and checked out some of the other local produce.  There were tons of wonderful looking things but we knew we could not purchase much since it was our last full day in Humarock.  One of the coolest vendors was a pizza maker with a 7 mile carbon footprint.  The pizza looked and smelled delicious and the selling point was the incredible eco-friendly approach to the product.  I was impressed!

 Back at the house we visited with family, watched Ron (a longtime family friend and clown - yes, an actual clown) do a bunch of magic tricks for the kids.  We ended the night with s'mores overlooking the beach at Fourth Cliff.  It was the perfect end to a wonderful week of fun.

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