Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Growing Up

Luz is growing her hair out and doing a rather good job of keeping it brushed and shiny and (mostly) out of her face.  I did not want her to grow it out because it is much more high-maintenance than the bob.  But, I shouldn't complain, she washes it on her own at night and surpasses what I was able to do with my mop in third grade.  This is just one small thing she can do to show her independence and individuality and it makes me smile.   She loves old-timey hairdos and would give me all of the coins in her piggy bank if I could manage braids.  I am just fine on the American Girl Doll but when it comes to just-barely-shoulder-length hair there is no hope.  That is a job for Aunt Susan.  In the meantime, barrettes, headbands and the occasional miniature ponytail or bun will have to suffice.

Here she is on a recent Saturday morning after pulling it all together for this sweet look (how does she get the front to swoop so perfectly?):

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Linda aka Grandma said...

she is doing a great job! I miss her so much, what a sweetheart she is!!!