Sunday, September 30, 2012


I still have not figured out quite what, how, or why it happened the way it did, but last week was absolutely nuts.  We rolled into it off of an incredibly busy weekend and it took two solid days of rainy weather and flexible plans for me to finally catch my breath.  

I can spare you the minutia of what happened - suffice it to say, it was a combination of the usual - volleyball games, a late night or two at work for me, soccer practice, and more volleyball.  Oh, and in between all of that I turned 39, yes...yikes, I know.  I am glad it happened in the middle of an unusually chaotic time and almost came and went undetected.  Almost.

This week does not promise to be any calmer, more sports and work and then I am traveling to San Antonio for a leadership training course.  The good news is that I am staying an extra night and mom is joining me.  Although we have had mixed reviews about San Antonio, we are both curious and figured the work trip for me was a great excuse to check it out.  

Unlike last week, I am starting this week well-rested and relaxed.  Nana and Papa-T were in town over the weekend and we had a quiet couple of days visiting.  Papa-T went into handy-man, super Papa mode, as usual, and gave Luz's closet a much-needed renovation which triggered a marathon purging session of all of her clothes that lasted all day.  In between the relaxing and the renovation, Papa-T, Christian and I ran the Tipitina's Foundation 5k on Saturday evening. It was the first inaugural run and was not without a few glitches, but we had a great time, rain and all.  It was C's first road race and he almost beat me.  I guess it is time to start kicking it into gear...can't let that happen!

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Cute pics :) I love your blog. Will follow you :) Hope you will check mine out and perhaps follow back! :)