Sunday, December 02, 2007

All Tigers And Dawgs

The announcement that LSU is playing in the national championship game and that UGA is going to the Sugar Bowl was just the finishing touch on a lovely weekend. Even better still was the phone call from my godfather telling me that he was sending us FOUR tickets to see UGA play in the Sugar Bowl. My Uncle George has always done an impeccable job of spoiling me but this sort of blows my mind.

I got back Friday evening after spending three days in Atlanta and discovered that Christian and La Luz had, not surprisingly yet a bit disappointingly, gotten along just fine without me. I had a great time in Atlanta when I wasn't working and particularly enjoyed spending Friday morning with La Luz's Aunt Susan, but I was psyched to be home. The house was neat, La Luz was in a great mood, and there were no visible signs of trauma.

We managed a few projects (or should I say, Christian managed a few projects) around the house. He finally hung the mirror in the hallway and installed the wire photo holder that we bought at Ikea at the end of the summer. Things are starting to shape up around here.

In addition to the hallway project Christian ventured into the attic and brought down the gigantic tupperware filled with Christmas whatnots. I feel very behind in the holiday prep because I think every house in my block and most people I know already have their tree up and house decorated. Wow. I think there is a chance it might happen next weekend. Then again, maybe not.

Loki could not be bothered to do much of anything this weekend. It was warm here, in the 70s and 80s, so he spent most of the weekend much like this:

On Saturday night Christian and I went to my friend, Saskia's, wedding. The reception was at Benachi House on Bayou Road. It was one of the most beautiful receptions I have ever been to and I am amazed that, not only have I never been to a wedding reception there, I never even knew the place existed.

We spent the day today in Baton Rouge celebrating Camille's 2nd birthday. La Luz and Camille do not get to see each other often but they share a special bond because during our Katrina evacuation La Luz lived in Camille's room before Camille was born. We had a great time visiting with the Stones, my friend Hal who I rarely get to see, and we even got to meet Uncle Richmond for a quick cup of coffee. All in all it was a great trip and La Luz (and Christian) particularly enjoyed the spacewalk.

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Kitty Brown said...

Don't feel bad, we don't have a tree yet either -- probably won't get one until the weekend b/c I can't handle the thought of trying to get the tree in the stand and stablized in the dark!