Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Everybody Has One

Tomorrow night Christian and I are going to the Post Secret/Found event at the Iron Rail reading room in the Marigny. I think it should be a very interesting evening. Christian showed me the Post Secret website (www.postsecret.blogspot.com) about six or so months ago and it never ceases to intrigue me. Post Secret is a community art project and the way it works is that people send in anonymous postcards with their secret(s) on it. The card (and message) is then prominently displayed on the Post Secret website for the world to see. It is updated once a week. Sometimes the content is a bit intense, but I am so captivated by the concept that I can overlook the more disturbing (and occasionally distasteful entries). If you haven't been there yet, stop by and check it out for yourself. It is fascinating.

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lindavaicius said...

Julie, if you want christmas weather than come to BOSTON......its 19 degrees right now and I love it!!!! I wait all year for the cold, its my favorite time of year. We had a little snow already (just a dusting) but if covered the ground and was so beautiful to look at, I can't wait for more!