Monday, December 10, 2007

Xian's Xmas

What follows is Christian's completely unsolicited Christmas list. Contrary to my list, I am not posting this list in the hopes that someone will get him all of this stuff. It just amused me. I like the list because, 1) he assumes someone is getting him something and is confused about what he might like and 2) the list ranges from the very attainable and totally realistic to the truly ridiculous. Here it is in no particular order:

Polo shirts for school. This is an image of a Gap polo shirt but I don't think he cares where it comes from. He would like black, white, and/or red. He also asked for a royal blue one but I am not wild about that color and he is colorblind.

A seat cushion for the bench in our kitchen. There is only one person that has the possibility of making this wish come true and somehow I think her hands are full this holiday season.

Two electronic thermostats so we can finally figure out what temperature it is around here.

Madden 2008 (or 2007) for the PS2.

A saw. I guess it is a circular saw that he wants because the project that he needs it for involves removing and resizing baseboards.

A stained glass window with our street addressed etched in it for the front door. Um, yea, not happening pal.

Finally, although it is not on the list, I think all hell would break loose if either this:

or this:

appeared under the tree on Christmas morning.


Anonymous said...

Hold off on the cushion until after the holidays and you might have it by Mardi Gras! haha
Love to all

the list is great

Kitty Brown said...

At least you've gotten a list from him -- all Tucker will say is "nothing." :)

Christian said...

Dear Anyone who reads Julies blog,
That list was meant for Julie's eyes only. I really am OK with not receiving any XMas presents as I truly don't need anything. It is much more fun to watch Lucy open presents.

Jessie said...

Christian: I think the Wii should be added as well! It may cost more than the saw, but there is always hope that Santa will fulfill your Christmas wishes! :)

Fellow GJTBS Spouse said...

That's cold, Julie.

Julie Vaicius said...

If the list hadn't been so incredibly broad in scope I would not have posted it. I couldn't resist.

Scarlet said...

I got Beau the Madden Football game. Well - officially that's what Maddie is giving him for Christmas!