Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He Knows When You Are Awake

The older I get the more creeped out I get by the lyrics to Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I hate the thought of someone, anyone, even Santa, knowing if and when I am sleeping. That is just a little too omniscient for my taste. It makes me wonder why more little kids don't get freaked out by that idea. Whenever I mention it to La Luz she seems intrigued, but mostly appears to just make mental notes, as if reminding herself to say "please" and "thank you" and generally exercise decent behavior at the risk of missing out on presents.

I remember one Easter a long time ago my younger cousin, Mary, became completely flipped out and inconsolable when she finally realized that a rabbit would actually enter the condo in Destin, the one where she was sleeping, scurry across the kitchen floor, and place a basket for her on the breakfast room table. I think she was so traumatized that my mom tried to convince my aunt to just break the news to her.

For now at least, La Luz seems to dig the idea that Santa is coming down the chimney, the one nearest to the tree, and will leave some presents for her on Christmas morning. At the start of the holiday season I didn't really think that she was old enough to be bribed with Santa but I learned a few weeks ago that her teacher bribed her on a number of occasions to get her to take a nap in the afternoon. Once I discovered that she was actually threatened by the thought of Santa not coming to our house to leave her an orange car under the tree, I used it every time I needed a decent bribe. I will have to resort to more creative measures in a week, but for now I can convince her to do just about whatever I need her to do (or not do).

Here she is earlier tonight after a lazy afternoon of steetcar and wagon rides with Christian. She is checking out her new princess ponytail holders (a Christmas gift from her teacher) in the mirror and looking incredibly scuzzy.


TOITA said...

Shame on you!! bribe MY Lucy girl?!?! hahahaha! well than you have January 6th? You guys celebrate that date???
I`m still amazed about the "orange car"!!! Way to go Lucy!!!!

Nola (nolanotes.com) said...

I've tagged you for a silly little meme. It's just for fun so don't feel pressure to complete it.

Lucy is so damn cute!