Sunday, March 15, 2009

Erin Go, Or Not

La Luz, Christian and Nana braved the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day parade and the last annual O'Haynes open house. The weather was lousy so I stayed home with James. They didn't mind and, instead, stood in the middle of a rainstorm just to catch this:

Well, not just a cabbage. They came home loaded down with carrots, potatoes, a variety of shamrock beads, rain-saturated stuffed animals, shot glasses (yea, why would you throw a shot glass to a three year-old?), and flowers. A very odd assortment of loot.

Apparently they had an incredible time and the rain did nothing to stop the revelry. In fact, La Luz was so wiped-out once they got home that she fell asleep in the middle of playing with her toys:

Impressive. Jessie and Beau throw one hell of a party.

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