Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Old Pro & The Newbie

We took James to Frankie and Johnny's for his first Friday night, boiled crawfish dinner. You can see he was just bursting with excitement. He stayed like this the entire time:

La Luz, on the other hand, was in her element. I guess Christian taught her his style of crawfish eating last year and I must've missed a step somewhere. Mind you, as a non-native, Christian really only started LOVING crawfish about 5 years ago. He is, without a doubt, far more naturally n'awlins than I could ever dream of being. Here she is, eating crawfish just the way her dad does...ew:

I never have great expectations when it comes to dining at F&J's. This is the place where mom felt something crawling up her leg during a meal and was relieved to find that it was a live crawfish that had made a break for it from the kitchen as opposed to a roach. I am realistic. That said, I was really hoping for a good batch of boiled crawfish and was somewhat disappointed. We went early, around 5:30, so there should have been plenty of crawfish to pick from at that point. My batch was, sadly, sub-par. The crawfish were small, fragile and my basket was filled with a ton of inedible crawfish parts. The seasoning was nice, however, and the convenience factor was huge. I guess we will try again as we get deeper into crawfish season and see if the results are any better.

Things are going okay around here. I returned to work on Monday and it was a lousy day all around. I hate being away from James and I really enjoyed being a stay at home mom for 2 months. I am sure it is even more alluring to me because I had to go back to work but it certainly seems like a lifestyle I could get used to. I think reality is not really going to hit until Nana heads back to Georgia. She is with us for another week and a half and has made the transition much easier. Tonight La Luz told her that she wished she would stay here forever. Me too!

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