Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weights & Measures

I did a lousy job of keeping track of La Luz's stats. We were living in chaos in the aftermath of Katrina and, frankly, her height and weight growth were not at the top of the list of things to ponder. Consequently, it is tough for me to remember how she grew in the first few months. This time around I am going to be better about keeping track.

James had a 2 month checkup today and received his first round of shots. He weighs 11.3 lbs and is 24 inches. The pediatrician told me that, based on his size and growth over the past 2 months, he could easily eat 6 ounces in a feeding. She told me to start supplementing with formula because it would be tough to satisfy that sort of appetite solely with breast feeding and pumping, particularly in light of my return to work. She is right. On a good day I can pump enough for 4 ounce bottles. On a day like today I practically have to schedule a time to pump while in the office or it just won't happen. So, I took her advice and started to supplement with Nestle's Good Start. Nana fed him his first formula bottle this afternoon and he ate it all but he gagged every time she tried to give him one later in the day (he must've caught on at that point). This evening I tried and had the same result. I took a taste of the formula and it tasted just like liquid iron. I wouldn't drink it either. There are about 10 different versions of the Good Start formula so finding the one that works for Santi could take a while. In the meantime, I am pumping like crazy, getting in as many feedings as possible when I am home at night and in the morning, and feeling totally sleep-deprived...but loving every minute of it.

Here he is flirting with the doctor:

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TOITA said...

Hey!! Hopw you are holding on in there!!! I am veri curious about the "Santi" nickname?!??! ahaha!

miss you all