Thursday, March 05, 2009

Like Mother...

Mom reminded me of an old picture very reminiscent of one of La Luz holding James she took the other night. It is A-mazing.

Me holding Josh at 2 and 1/2 months old:

La Luz holding James at about 2 months old:

I guess the age difference between me and Josh is close to the age difference between the bug and James. I think I was four years old in that picture and La Luz is 3 and 1/2, close enough though...

Things are good around here. Christian returned from Detroit and I managed to keep it together while he was gone and learn some good lessons about what I am capable of doing in my new role as a mother of two.

I have one more day of maternity leave left. It is hard to believe how fast 8 weeks has passed. Fortunately, James will not have to go to daycare immediately. Nana is coming in town for two weeks to take care of him and mom is going to watch him for two additional weeks. At that point he will be about 3 months old. I can stomach sending him to daycare at 3 months, but right now he is just too little and helpless, it would break my heart.


TOITA said...

well if you need me I can go for another 2 weeks!!!! hahhaa! So you can avoid the stomach ache!! i would ONLY do it to help you..not that I am dying to visit you all and extreme "homesick"!! hahaha!

Miss you guys!!!


Kelsea said...

i love those two photos, julie!
i hope your transition back to the office isn't too bad. bring James to BR if you need to... I will gladly take a vacay from school to hang out with the little guy.

Robincita said...

OH my goodness, you and Luz look identical at that age! Thanks for sharing!

NolaMom said...

That is crazy, the resemblance!