Sunday, July 19, 2009

And We Are Vagabonds

We took advantage of the cooler temperature this morning and walked to P.J.'s for breakfast. We all started out with incredible energy and were breezing through the first few blocks when, after being stymied by a stretch of craggy NOLA sidewalk, La Luz gave up on the tricycle and decided she should walk. I somehow managed to balance the trike on top of the stroller and tolerated a very precarious walk. We moved like gypsies and were only walking a half mile for a cup of coffee. La Luz packed a baby doll, a tiara, and a purse filled with all sorts of junk she never needed (none of which she carried, incidentally). Apparently she needed free hands to pick every flower she saw along the way (something Christian taught her to do on their walks home from school - now a borderline obsessive compulsion I am unable to stop).

Starting out strong:

Angel baby - always patient, never complaining, just along for the ride:

By the collapsing building:

Very sad to find Lucky You closed and in desperate need of sugar:

Reaching up to pull something off of a tree branch hanging low:

With two of her casualties - plumbago and a morning glory (I think):

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lindavaicius said...

Tell her you cannot pick flowers that belong to other people because they will not like that.Plus, when you pick a flower it will die.Tell her if she leaves them alone they will grow so big and beautiful!!!

That should work.